Below is a 25 minute "mini documentary" on Nirvana.

Natural Environment

Imagine being surrounded by verdant trees, and being able to hear your own heart beat. As far as the eye can see there's nothing but nature’s undisturbed beauty.

Father & Son weekends, 21st birthday celebrations, Fishing Trips, Stag Parties, family reunions, casual work functions .... call to discuss the options!


"A slice of heaven on earth" -

   Lush Landscape

"Nirvana is a place characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry & the external world"


"700 acres encompassing many of  NZ's distinctive & best features !
​Mountains, rivers, streams, native birds, unique wild life.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, well this IS the other side.

 It’s Beautiful. It's Peaceful. It's Everything you need.

Stop by Nirvana to see for yourself.

It's only an hour from Napier, NZ's Art Deco capital, Lake Taupo's hot pools, Hawkes Bay's wineries & orchards ....