"A slice of heaven on earth" -

Brendan Kinsey, USA

August 2014 

Annika Abbenhaus, Germany

"I learned so much" Jan 2014

Hi Craig,
We're home in the US now. I wanted to write in and tell you how life-changing our few days with you was! I told you already but I wanted to write it here. Being with you really was finding Nirvana. I was searching for a word and realized you already named it that. Your true happiness is infectious. One can't help but see the truth of life just being around you, which is that we're here to enjoy and live all that we want to do. It is our choice to be happy and create the lives we want. Everything about you emulates this. I loved hearing you say truths like how 87% of people have jobs they don't like and that people tell you that what you're doing doesn't make sense economically, but you do it because it makes you happy. And what you do brings us back to who we are since you are living every day with nature-growing and hunting your own food and meeting and connecting with people. I learned so much about life from you; not just how to sustain myself by learning how to milk a cow and shoot for my dinner, but more importantly, that we can all achieve anything we want in life and get up in the morning and do what we love, that we don't call work. And also, that people are what truly bring us joy.
Thank you for sharing your spirit and joy with us,
Lisa and Danh

Lisa and Danh Ngo,

​Seattle Washington USA

Summer Lee, USA

Nov 2013

Josh Cooper, New Zealand

Best Stag Party - the boys had a blast! Jan 2014

Karen Kean, USA

Its true, it's a slice of Heaven! I had to keep reminding myself to breathe. The scenery is spectacular, the wild life a constant surprise, the bubbling creeks and waterfalls spectacular, the cattle treated like royalty, the food tasted like the food I remember growing up - straight from the amazing vege garden. My brother is an amazing host and he truly lives in Nirvana! Thanks brother for sharing a slice of your heaven with me ! Jan/Feb 2014

Brendan & Sara Garofalo (Italy)

Now married to Brendan 

Carl van Niekerk

All the way from South Africa, first New Zealand Rainbow! Yes Man!! JAN 1 2014

John Scott, New Zealand

Wow what a host & Great R & R  !     

 Feb 2014

Willow, Sophia, Sina & Shanti share their experience and gratitudes at Nirvana!

                       Jan/Feb 2015

Marlene Lasthaus, Germany
Thank you for that amazing day on your farm Craig! Hopefully we see you  again! cheers

March 2014

Parker Bell, USA

Pigs, Vege Gardens, Hunting, Rafting, Skeet Shooting, Glow Worms, Hot Pools  ..... wow ! 

Nov 2013

Anna Thumer & Isabel Jaster

Had a "blast" on the range. Dec 7 2013

Peter Weinert, Sturtgart - Germany

Another day in paradise, sunlight fallen down on the nighthawk —I think being on Craig's farm was the best experience of my life.  Dec/Jan 2014

Philipp Pfefferle, Bad Krozingen - Germany

 We milked cows, learned how to shoot, did the mother of all night walks and got to know the most amazing farmer I have ever met (thanks Craig Smith) March 2014